Lynda Gilbert

Founder + Attorney

Lynda Gilbert practices law statewide in Tennessee with Justin Gilbert at their private practice. She has a law degree (JD), as well as a masters degree in social work (MSSW). She focuses on pregnancy-related discrimination, the need for reasonable leave or other accommodations, the impact of workplace demands on family, and the difficult endeavor of maintaining healthy work-life balance.

Lynda earned her law degree at the University of Memphis, where she was a law fellow and editor on the law review. Using her degrees, she has taught graduate school courses in Social Work, Children’s Rights, Human Resources, and Social Welfare Policy. She also serves on the editorial board of the Tennessee Bar Journal.

The daughter of a teacher and minister, clients often say they feel at home working with Lynda. After obtaining her master’s in social work, where she studied macro policy advocacy and administrative management, she worked in the field of poverty law, then transitioned to practicing healthcare law for one of the largest hospitals in Tennessee. Today, she works with individuals in all facets of workplace tensions, particularly in the areas of sexual harassment and discrimination. 

Lynda often leans on the helpful tool of mediation to bring about resolution, eliminating the need for litigation whenever possible. She accomplishes this by clearing up miscommunications, accessing administrative processes like the EEOC, or engaging in early settlement attempts.