Employment Law

The minute I walked in the room and met Justin Gilbert, I knew I made the right decision in helping with my situation. Down to earth, knowledgeable, professional , and very good at his trade. He knew the law and was very compassionate to my family as well as passionate about his job. I highly recommend Gilbert Law Firm!

— C.C. | East Tennessee

I am profoundly grateful for the level of expertise Justin showed during an exceedingly difficulty time in my life. As an experienced attorney, he listened thoroughly, gathered information, and represented me very well throughout the entire process. I found comfort in knowing that Justin was attentive to my needs by providing prompt service and support. Justin is a true advocate with a high level of integrity and compassion. He was the perfect counsel!

— Dr. H. | West Tennessee

Responsive and knowledgeable, Justin and his staff were extremely helpful in helping me navigate the complexities of employment law.  He was invested in my case, as well as me as a person and I'm very glad to have him on my side.

— M.K. | Middle Tennessee

I am grateful to have Justin Gilbert as my attorney and my advocate. He is receptive, responsive, and remembers the details we discuss. He is a quick study on the facts of a case. I’ve never had to remind him or catch him up on a pertinent fact once he has been introduced to it. He places importance on what matters to me. He is also thoughtful in his approach. He “teams” with his clients and others who are in a position to help his clients. He is always open to input from his clients.

— J.H. | East Tennessee

Getting fired from a job for reasons that you know are unethical is hard.  Finding someone to patiently listen to your story is harder.  Justin Gilbert took the time to listen, asked the right questions, and made me feel validated in my quest for justice.  I trusted that he had my back and allowed him to lead the charge in exposing my former employer’s actions and getting me the settlement amount that I deserved.  Justin’s representation restored my professional reputation and gave me the option to take my time to find the best next steps in my career journey. I highly recommend Justin Gilbert as your Employment Law Attorney.

— K.H.

I was unlawfully terminated and I knew I needed to seek counsel. Justin was referred to me by a respected colleague and I couldn’t have asked for better guidance. I appreciated Justin’s vast knowledge of employee rights, his professionalism and his respect for (and from) all parties involved.

— L.K.
Meeting with client

Education Law

Justin Gilbert stepped into our lives in 2013 to fight for our son's right to be educated in his zoned neighborhood school rather than be segregated to a special education classroom as a student with Down syndrome. We had a precedent-setting case that was very complicated and moved all the way to the U. S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals! Justin's support of our case and our family never wavered. He rejoiced with us and he hurt with us when our winning case kept getting appealed by the school system. We prevailed, and his diligence and expertise improved the case law for students with disabilities. He has remained a close consultant on anything having to do with special education litigation—and a close friend.

— D.H. (mother of L.H., L.H. v Hamilton County Dept. of Education) | East Tennessee

I have had the pleasure of working with Justin for over a year now and I cannot imagine having to walk through this type of situation with anyone else. We have a seven year old daughter with Down syndrome and the transition into Kindergarten, in a public school setting, did not go as planned. Justin and staff were so genuine and kind, and invested from our very first conversation. It was personal and they knew every detail of our story by heart. The team is a sight to see in action, and we will forever be grateful for their help! They really do hold a special place in our hearts and will forever be part of our family. We would highly recommend them to any family walking through this unfortunate situation. You are in amazing hands!

— R.S. | East Tennessee

I have had the pleasure of working with Justin Gilbert and his office both as a lawyer and as a client.  Justin helped me tremendously in getting educational rights for my hearing-impaired daughter and then he later represented me in a disability accommodation action against a local government entity.  Both times, Justin was very knowledgeable, well prepared, and made me comfortable and confident with his representation and assistance.  I would proudly contact Justin and his firm if ever one of these cases arise again.

— R.L., attorney | West Tennessee

I know Justin well.  He cares deeply and personally about every case he takes on.  He combines a brilliant legal mind with a warm heart which helps reach practical and valuable resolutions for families.

— K.K. | East Tennessee

We retained Gilbert Law to handle a case for us that was very complex. He has been easy to work with. All questions that we have had, have been answered in a timely fashion. He is very professional and efficient in his approach. We have never had to ask for case updates as he is always keeping us up to date. Justin is an attorney that I would highly recommend to anyone needing legal representation.

— D.H. | East Tennessee

Justin Gilbert was my lawyer during one of the most challenging times of my life. I am very grateful for him, his work, and would not have wanted anybody else to represent me during this time. If I had to describe Justin with three words, they would be: trustworthy, competent, and successful. I do not wish for anyone to go through a Title IX case, but especially then, it is important to have a lawyer at your side, whom you can trust. I knew I could trust Justin right away simply by talking to him (and his team). While he considers his clients’ needs and interests carefully, he does not waste any time. Quite frankly, I cannot describe his work appropriately with a few sentences, but I owe him so much for representing me. Thank you, Justin, for all your work and support.